Two smiling, made-up girls posing for a photo

The way we wear make-up reveals a lot about our personality. Whether it's a particularly ashy make-up look, using bright colours or using nudes, it is a method of expression in its own right.

Natural, nude make-up is one of the most popular make-up styles. It is defined as a particularly light make-up, requiring few products and little time. Such simple make-up only enhances the features of the face without redrawing them, merely camouflaging imperfections.

With the sunny days and the heat, this type of make-up is the perfect solution to sublimate your features while letting your skin breathe.

It can sometimes be tricky to work on your complexion and your whole face effectively, while keeping an overall aura light and subtle. So here are our 10 tips for successful natural makeup.

Tip 1: Cleanse your skin thoroughly


It should be a real beauty routine: cleanse your skin thoroughly before starting any make-up.

This will remove all the dirt and dust that has accumulated, as well as giving a smooth and perfect finish to the make-up.

Tip 2: Choose your shades carefully


Natural make-up requires the use of few different products, which in return implies choosing your shades carefully, especially for your complexion.

Shades should be neither too light nor too dark to avoid distorting your natural skin tone and making your complexion look untidy. The right shade of foundation and concealer will even out your skin tone, while giving the impression that you have not applied any.

Tip 3: Lightly work on your complexion


Once you've chosen the right shades for your natural skin tone, all that's left to do is work on your complexion. For this, foundation and concealer are the only products needed.

Apply your foundation in small dabs to each part of your face, then spread it either with your usual accessory such as a beauty blender, or with your finger for an even more natural look. Similarly for concealer, apply very small amounts to the bridge of your nose and under your eyes, then dab gently so that the product is almost invisible.

Tip 4: Highlight your cheekbones and brow bone with an illuminating pen


Natural make-up is very quick and easy to do, but that doesn't mean it's not neat. To add a touch of charm to your face, you can, for example, highlight your cheekbones and brow bone with an illuminating pen, otherwise known as a glow pen.

The light will be captured in these areas and will illuminate your face all the more.

Tip 5: Avoid contouring, baking and similar methods


Contouring or baking are make-up techniques that originated in the United States. They are known to be very structured, intense, metamorphosing, even redrawing the features of your face and making you a whole new person.

These techniques can be useful for big events, but in everyday life, they are absolutely contradictory with a natural make-up objective.

Tip 6: Warm up your complexion with a blush or bronzer


Natural makeup is good, but not dull. Once you've finished working on the base of your complexion, warming it up is a step that shouldn't be neglected.

You can choose between a blush or a bronzing powder. These two products will reinforce the healthy glow effect, while maintaining the natural look.

Apply your product to your cheeks, working your way up to your temples.

Tip 7: Use mascara


Minimising the number of products used is the watchword in natural make-up, but mascara remains an essential.

With mascara, your lashes will be longer and more elegant, and your eyes even more open and enhanced.

Tip 8: Nude eyeshadow is a great ally


There is a range of nude eye shadows available to perfect your eye make-up. To enhance your eyes, apply the lighter shades on the inside of your eyelid and the darker shades on the outside of your eye.

Tip 9: Sprinkle loose powder subtly


Fixing your make-up is an important step to make it last and stay harmonious. Here, loose powder or mattifying loose powder is an ideal solution.

Tip 10: Final touch with a nude lipstick


Last but not least: the lips. Even if the objective is to have a very refined and natural look, this does not mean that you should banish lipstick. Nude shades have been specially designed to dress your lips in a discreet way. They will be defined and pigmented, contributing to the freshness of your overall complexion while remaining a simple make-up gesture to be repeated during the day if necessary.