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T.LeClerc: visionary Belle Epoque chemist

In 1881, Théophile LeClerc made his first Dermophile rice powder for skin at his pharmacy in the Madeleine neighbourhood in Paris.

The powder has a fine, soft texture that enhances and corrects the complexion, presented in a legendary brushed aluminium case. Théophile LeClerc, a visionary chemist who fully mastered the art of colour, made his famous loose powder available in 16 shades. For Belle Epoque ladies, who were used to heavy powders, this lightweight, skin-friendly rice powder was a revolution that set them free and made them more beautiful.

From the Belle Epoque to the Roaring Twenties, and every moment in between, the famous Banane powder grew to become a must-have for creating the velvety complexion of French élégantes. It was a time of historical significance: the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 for the World’s Fair, Paris was celebrating the inauguration of the Alexandre III bridge, and women were asserting their freedom to the beat of the Charleston. These are the women who made T.LeClerc’s powder into the iconic skin product it is today.

La Maison T.LeClerc : la belle époque

The art of make-up

As a pioneer in complexion correction, Théophile LeClerc now offers a full range of make-up, skincare, and beauty accessories.

True to the pharmaceutical origins of Théophile LeClerc’s brand, the formulas are mild and skin-friendly. As a colour expert, T.LeClerc offers a wide range of make-up for complexion, eyes, lips, and nails.

Théophile LeClerc’s creative team reinvents exclusive collections at each new season. They give you tips and tricks to easily reproduce the looks.

La Maison T.LeClerc : The art of make-up

A French tradition

Théophile LeClerc perfected an ingenious manufacturing process to sterilise the powder, and even today this process is a closely guarded secret.

In keeping with our brand’s traditional values, T.LeClerc makes its powders in France with the utmost care. The vegan, sterilised powder is produced in our workshops, then placed and sealed in our iconic case that has retained its original Art Nouveau style.

The qualities of T.LeClerc’s powder have made it the go-to powder for countless professional make-up artists all around the world. Celebrities use the Banane shade in particular for its ability to catch light like no other product.

Théophile LeClerc is sold in many countries and always comes in a range of 16 loose powder shades, as well as compact powders to enhance the complexion. There is a shade for every skin tone. Discover yours today.

La Maison T.LeClerc : a french tradition
La Maison T.LeClerc : la belle époque
La Maison T.LeClerc : The art of make-up
La Maison T.LeClerc : a french tradition
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