Our tips for wearing make-up with a mask



In big cities, pink, red, and nude lips are a thing of the past.  To our great dismay, masks have become the new, unavoidable “trend” of the moment, and we don’t know how long this is going to last!


So we’ve got to get used to it, deal with it, and figure out how to wear make-up without staining our masks.


T.LeClerc’s make-up artists tell their secrets:


Tip no. 1: Carefully cleanse your skin morning and night


Your beauty routine absolutely must include moisturising your face.
Since you have to wear a mask all day, you might suffer from itchiness and even blemishes!

So you have to PAMPER your skin as best you can.


Start by cleansing your skin with micellar water in the morning and evening, then apply your day or night cream as appropriate.


Tip no. 2: A flawless complexion!


Mask or no mask, you have to perk up your complexion. But don’t apply contouring or highlighting powder to your chin. ;)


Once you’ve completed your skincare routine and your face is dry, apply your Théophile LeClerc primer. Applying primer is one of the first steps to master.

It gets your skin ready for make-up by smoothing it out, and your make-up will last longer.


Next, correct redness and fade dark circles and signs of fatigue with Lumiperfecteur.

Focus on the visible areas of your face. This concealer’s lightweight, fluid texture gives your make-up a radiant, dewy look.
For more coverage, choose the Professional Concealer.
It neutralises the blue tinge of dark circles to create a luminous base, preparing the under-eye area for foundation or loose powder.
It also blends away redness and pigmentation spots to even out the complexion.

Finish applying your complexion make-up with a dusting of loose powder for a matte finish.
T.LeClerc’s Dermophile loose powder is the ultimate finishing touch for your make-up. Try it and you’ll never go back!
Théophile LeClerc’s Dermophile loose powder is a lightweight, airy powder that guarantees immediate results: your complexion is corrected and evened out with a natural-looking matte finish. A high rice starch content gives the powder a fine, smooth texture that blurs imperfections and sets make-up without clogging pores or settling in dry areas. 


Tip no. 3: Doe eyes!


When you wear a mask, the only part of your face that is really visible is your eyes. So make them look gorgeous!


Depending on your occupation, you can choose a variety of eyeshadows to enhance your eyes.


All our palettes can be used either during the day or for an evening look.



When it comes to must-haves, eyeliner and mascara are our best friends these days, so don’t skimp!

Start with a line of our felt eyeliner. The thin tip will ensure you get a thin, precise line. For those of you who feel more comfortable with the basics, liquid eyeliner is a perfect option!

Finish off your look, of course, with a touch of mascara from our selection. 

For intense volume, go with volume mascara or the lash multiplier. They’ll give you gorgeous results. Their high-precision brush grabs each lash to add density with volume and intense colour. 


If you want to keep going, perfect your make-up look with a sweep of the brush on your brows to shape and fill them if needed. Your eyes will look bright and intense! 



Now you’re ready to brave the streets with your mask on!